Monday, 3,25,2002




After spending the morning putting a diary entry together to reestablish my diary I finished the book Hidden Hitler. I bought it on a book buying expedition a couple weeks ago along with a history of the Middle East and the book on Ancient libraries which I finished a week ago. At some point in every year I get self conscious about all the books Iíve acquired and how little Iíve read in them. Couple this with the need to put some new ideas in my head as a little mental stimulent and I make a little progress trimming back my library.

The book on Hitler really intrigued me. I'd not heard of it but its contention that Adolph was gay reminded me of many odd things I'd heard or read about the Fuhrer over the years. The book was a revelation as for making some sense out of Hitler's personal motives for the actions he took. I finished it off and then debated on whether to start in on the book about World Economic history or the slight volume on the "History of E=MC≤" Physics won out over the dismal science.

I took Julio out to lunch today. Someone commented on Phil Storsteen's letter. The pain Phil admitted to in complimenting me.  Liar liar pants on fire.

Julio tired.