Wednesday, 3-13-2002

Barney Meets Godzilla

Dear Political Diary,

I have so much to do I can never die. That's the optimist in me speaking. I made it a point to finish up the book on ancient libraries I bought a couple weekends ago when Frank and I went book hunting in the Cities. Fascinating stuff. I got to within the last three pages and had to take a nap to get back some of the sleep I missed when I woke up at 3AM and stewed about yesterday's Committee of the Whole.

Before I had a chance to finish, the Trib's education reporter, Ron Brochu, called me up and asked about the meeting. He had to leave early because he was also covering the Two Harbors referendum. It passed surprise, surprise. A Two Harbor teacher predicted its failure when I talked to him at the Woodland meeting two weeks ago. Ron wanted to know if the Board had made any definite decisions about closing buildings. I told him that the administration only wanted Birchwood on the chopping block for next year. 

I kibitzed a bit. I told him that the issue of the CAB was like the Two High School issue for me. It wasn't so much that I wanted my way I just wanted us to have the chance to analyze all our options. Pati and Laura and Dorothy's beating up on Garry was the same old thing - a refusal to look at our options. 

When I got my book finished I pulled on my snow boots and got ready for an afternoon of snow sculpting. The night before I had gotten a brainstorm. I slaved away for six hours and reveled in the sticky snow. So much more cooperative than hard cold snow.

My sculpture was a little like the second one I made fourteen years ago. Only instead of a T Rex looking down on a pair of Triceratops I had some post cretaceous beasts. It was Godzilla looking down on Barney. Its been a long time since I did the yellow submarine and I was sure my public would be disappointed if I let this last snowfall pass without doing something.

When Claudia got home she stepped out front with the cat and guessed its title immediately. I was getting lots of honks and thumbs up so I figured I had a winner.

Claudia called me in at six and served me linguine with clam sauce and a nice gverstriemer. A lovely way to relax sore muscles.

I took another nap and almost missed choir practice. When I got home Claudia took me to the window to look out on the house kitty corner to ours with the new college students in it. Cars were honking because they were busy piling up snow. I couldn't resist so I walked over to introduce myself and ask what they were building. I offered them my snow scoop to make the job easier.

We snow sculptors have to stick together.