School Board needs reform

Concerning Duluth School Board member Harry Welty's June 18 Point of View column: He talked about how the board worked their butts off for nine years to keep the budget in control.

Funny, from what I have seen in the board meetings, at least six members could not find their butts with both hands. Does losing 900 students to Edison count as keeping the budget in control? Does giving an undeserving superintendent a huge raise count as fiscally responsible? Is keeping nine members, when you should have only five, working your butts off?

What is questionable is a self-serving, arrogant administration who cares nothing about our children, making proposals that only have the interest of preserving the gluttonous mound of greed you call a Central Administration Building, to an out-of-touch group of political misfits (the board) and watch the three-ring circus of ignorance, lies and deception.

Welty also mentioned the poorly advertised, thrown-together-at-the-last-second attempt at a levy referendum he passed out 20,000 fliers for. He missed 65,000 people.

Here are a few things that would be budget conscious and fiscally responsible: Immediately go to a five-member board. The only way you can be on the board is if you have children in public schools (Edison is not public). If you believe in charter schools, then get on their board and leave us alone. Drop the superintendent's salary to $80,000. Cut the Central Administration Building's staff to the bone. Move out of old Central and let the historical society worry about it -- I do not pay my taxes to keep old buildings nice. Keep the grade schools open; you're going to need it when Edison leaves town; their stock just dropped $40 a share.