Tuesday, Jan 7, 2003

Aftermath at the OK Corral

Dear Political Diary,

This will be brief as its being written two weeks after our start-of-the-year organizational meeting. 

Bob Mars was everybody's second choice to be the Chair of the School Board. Bob has never campaigned for the job but it seemed likely that he would like to end his career as Chairman so that he could lead us in settling all the unresolved issues of building closings.

Garry Krause had called Bob to tell him he would support him for Chair. In return Garry requested Bob's consideration for Clerk of the Board. The Clerk's position is the only other officer who, by tradition, sits in on agenda setting sessions prior to school board meetings. Apparently Bob was most enthusiastic and told Garry how he'd always supported Garry. Garry was confident that he would get the five votes needed to win the office.

So were three other Board members who had promised to vote for Garry. However, Laura Condon the current Clerk was reelected. The four of us who supported Garry were shocked. 

As the four of us walked dejectedly side by side down the hallway as we left the building I joked morosely that we looked like the Dalton Gang's ghosts walking away from the OK corral.

(Certain information has been edited out so as not to unnecessarily antagonize various members of the School Board)