Subj: Re: Yvonne
Date: 1/4/02 3:10:34 PM Pacific Standard Time
To: A1Snowman

(The words in quotes << >>'s were clipped from an earlier email I had sent to my pal defending Yvonne. After the quotes my pal sent me the following reply)

In a message dated 1/4/02 4:45:47 PM Central Standard Time, A1Snowman writes:

<< Yvonne has never struck me as anybody's pawn. She's like a lot of the people who get on your nerves, a throwback to the HHH branch of the DFL. >>

This is my pals response: 

Now now... Yvonne is a pawn. I can tell you right now, she'll support every harebrained plan Gary and the Chamber want her to support. I think the state is in too critical a position for the citizens of West Duluth to give Yvonne a place to mourn. That may sound heartless, but let's get serious. She's an unpleasant arrogant person. She has historically been controlled by the same big money interests that controlled Sam and kept him in office. 
Now is the time to allow new ideas and a different perspective to move ahead. Over 65% of Duluthians are opposed to continued public funding of the aquarium. Do you honestly believe Yvonne will care one bit about their ideas? It's apparent the Chamber doesn't care, nor does the Mayor. 
I think it's a scam that she's being touted as "what Sam wanted". This whole thing is playing on the good will and sympathy of the people. It has nothing to do with being able to look critically at her record in office. That would be disrespectful....
I've heard Gary say, twice in the last 2 days, that Sam wanted Yvonne to have that seat. Unfortunately for Gary, (and Sam, I suppose) we fought a war to prevent positions of power from being passed among family members, didn't we??? I think this is utter nonsense, and I am very unhappy the mayor is making it his mission to see she's sent to St. Paul; just because she's mourning her husband.
She'll be a dreadful failure. There is no way she can have any clout there, since it's no secret she intends to run for mayor. Down there, we need clout, and we need people who aren't afraid to take tough stands, if that's in the best interest of the people who live here.
Sam gave away enough tax money to special interests in his 20+ years. We don't need Yvonne down there simply supporting the same silly plans that Gary and the Chamber want supported. If we had real leadership we wouldn't be wasting tax money on the aquarium. Nor would we be spending half a million dollars to fill a building!!! Just think what 709 could do with half a million? And why can't it go to them? It was supposed to go to market the damn Tech. Village -- now it's just being spent to subsidize rents there!!! It could just as well go to educate our kids. 
But, you won't find Yvonne supporting anything for education.
On the other hand, I'm surprised you don't like Dale. He thinks just like you do about education. If he had been in a position of power, like a majority member of the senate, at least the schools would have had one more supporter in St Paul.
With Yvonne in the seat, nothing will improve. The pockets of a few developers and friends of Doty will continue to be lined with tax dollars, and more money will be flushed down the drain at the aquarium.
Not that I have strong feelings on this matter....