Friday, 1-25-2002

Institutional Coffee

Dear Political Diary,

I can not believe that modern medical science had any other reason for inventing the colonoscopy other than to humble prideful men. Fortunately medical science also invented general anesthetic.

Claudia had to accompany me to St. Luke's since I would not be permitted to drive myself home while under the influence of the anesthetic. 

After disrobing and putting on the drafty hospital gown a kind nurse explained what the procedure would entail. I endured the monologue good naturedly before being wheeled on a gurney into a very small operating room. I could see the Duluth High Bridge through it's window. I was hooked up to tubes and monitors and abandoned for twenty five minutes. An automatic blood pressure device constricted my arm every five minutes. The Doctor came in and said hello and then I found myself back in a waiting room with no memories of the last half hour.

Claudia told me that I kept asking the nurse what time it was. I would prefer to hear that I was fully rationale because a year ago when my daughter came out of general anesthetic after knee surgery as squirrelly as a chipmunk on laughing gas. I had been sorry to miss out on the fun but this time I had no interest in being the bell of the ball. 

Because I hadn't been allowed to drink my morning cup of coffee today I readily accepted an offer to drink some. I guess my real nature revealed itself when I insisted on getting some of the real stuff at a coffee shop.  According to Claudia I sounded like a real snob. At least I'm a healthy one.

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