Tuesday, 1-22-2002


Dear Political Diary,

Ron Brochu called this afternoon to ask about the proposal to reduce the size of the Duluth School Board from nine to seven or fewer board members. I told Ron I thought the change would be largely cosmetic. I suggested it was a little like Governor Ventura's proposal for a unicameral legislature although that change would have more profound implications for the state than a smaller school board would for Duluth. Expounding on a smaller school board gave me a chance to get some ink, or as Will Shakespeare put it, to I strut and fret my hour upon the stage. 

I had spent the morning entering and editing diary entries and updating links. I started at 8. When I was done (or done in) it was twelve-thirty. Geez. I rarely have any enthusiasm  to go back the next day with a fresh set of eyes to clean up typos and malformed sentences because I want to rush on to new entries.

I have little control of what reporters write but I can control my web pages. Its how I want to introduce myself to the public. Of course as Bob Boone pointed out, I can't force anyone to peruse my site. Bob was calling to ask if I'd be interested in writing a column for his tabloid the Reader. 

I warned Bob that such a column could be exploited to push my political agenda. Bob wasn't too concerned. He thought I might have an interesting point of view. Would I produce more heat or light? I wonder.  

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