Wednesday, 1-30-2002

Augean Stables

Dear Political Diary,

I've got a ton of paperwork lying around my office. Some of it is six months old. I've not let it spill out beyond the office but it is disconcerting to think some vital bit of lost paperwork will trip me up. Organizing it and recycling it was my job today. The stables are still full. 

I spent my usual hour reading the Trib first. Its now official. there will be another charter school in Duluth. I have my doubts about whether it will succeed. It was slated to go into the soft center a year ago but that was scotched. Now its going into a plumbing supply warehouse on Michigan Street. I'll be surprised if many parents of ninth or tenth graders will be eager to see their children enroll in it. www.harborcityschool.org

This new Charter's job is likely to be even tougher this budget year as Joe Nathan makes clear. The Governor's plans for budget reduction calls for a reduction in state revenues to charters for building leases. I'm glad I'm not the one trying to organize a new charter.

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