Dismissing the News Tribune as "left wing" is foolish and inaccurate. That's the kind of analysis I'd expect from Don (piss our allies off) Rumsfeld.
You and I both know that the Posse Comitatus crowd talked incessantly about national sovereignty and has a pathological fear of losing it to the United Nations the Trilateral Commission and probably the International Jewish Conspiracy.
Judging by how the rest of the world is backing away from supporting us in Iraq (which is too damn bad because we are on the side of the angels) It looks like the rest of the world thinks that the US only cares about its own national sovereignty but nobody else's. Is that what you hope to teach our school children?
By the way, I hear that the US is going to give Turkey 25 billion to let us attack Iraq from their borders. This is, coincidentally, the same amount that the fifty states are in the red. Maybe Minnesota can borrow some money from Turkey.