Mom' Art Batch One

Georganne Welty has been painting ever since her son can remember. She has always favored watercolors for their free flowing, translucent quality. While often representational her art warps and bends easily into the phantasmagoric and hallucinogenic.  That's not how she would describe it. This is her son talking. She would no doubt describe her work in more sobering terms. That's not surprising. She hails from a strongly Calvinistic, Scotch-Irish forbears. However in her art you can tell that something seems to have gone terribly or wonderfully wrong depending on your point of view.

I love my Mom's work. The walls in our house are covered with her paintings. Press these thumbnails to see an enlargement of each piece.

3lilies.gif (37221 bytes) AftertheRain.gif (54120 bytes) BirdsoftheField.gif (44926 bytes) bluetree.gif (44051 bytes)
Three Lilies        After the Rain      Birds of the Field     Blue Tree


CoralGarden.gif (53137 bytes) DeepWater.gif (63585 bytes) HighPlace.gif (52721 bytes) IslandintheSky.gif (77827 bytes)
Coral Garden        Deep Water           High Place          Island in the Sky


KnottedFlowers.gif (50124 bytes) LilyWhiteTown.gif (55499 bytes) MoonMadness.gif (79496 bytes) Purple&Gold.gif (54636 bytes)
Knotted Flowers    Lily White Town     Moon Madness      Purple & Gold


RedBlue&Gold.gif (56223 bytes) ShellFlower.gif (57989 bytes) TheWatcher.gif (51978 bytes) TreesthatHolduptheSky.gif (48443 bytes)
Red Blue & Gold    Shell Flower              The Watcher      Trees that hold                                                                                                       up the Sky

Untitled1.gif (61376 bytes) YellowHills.gif (72392 bytes)
Untitled                     Yellow Hills

  Batch Two