Georganne wanted to be an artist. When she was in college she studied art but she met a fellow she kind of liked and got married instead and had a family. Still, Georganne always liked art projects. she learned to make things with paper mache. The best known paper mache objects are pinatas. They are Mexican containers filled with candy. Children at parties put on blind folds and what where they think the pinatas are trying to break it open to have the candy spill out. The are often made by taking strips of newspaper soaked in flour and water and wrapping them arround a big blown up baloon. When they dry they look like eggs. The balloon is popped and they are filled up with candy. The hole is sealed up and other paper mache parts are added to make the balloon shaped object something else.

Georganne started making puppet heads with them. Here are a few she made for her children when they were little.