10 Advertising

Georganne had worked for about ten years sharing all the responsibilities for the store with the other Harpies. Her early work in Nightengales predisposed her to display. Eventually the Baazar was making enough money to spend on advertising and the other Harpies discovered her talents. From 1983 this she quit Harpies in ??? Georganne drew up dozens and dozens of ads. Over time her graphic eye improved a great deal. 

The Mankato Free Press won a number of awards based on Georganne's advertising over the years.

This was an unusual multi color ad highlighting Mankato's familiar bridges.
Georganne would leave white space in 
her ads which could then be filled in with whatever advertising message was needed.
Whimsy was one of 
Georganne's strong
This profile was one of several in a 
proposed design which was reduced 
to a single female figure for a strong 
Georganne, drew dozens of long thin ads of four column inches. In the one above to the left you can see the script taped in now that age has yellowed it a bit.
After she left for MCAD she continued to do art but as she no longer was busy buying or displaying the new products her ads got more generic but still were designed with white space in mind.


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