1 Youth

Georganne Welty was the little sister. Her older sister Maryjane was the more brash and self confident of the two siblings.

When their Mother Winona McClatchey Robb had them both take piano lessons on her beloved baby grand piano Maryjane was the one to reject the lessons first leaving her younger sister Georganne to continue miserably on. The piano teacher was the most socially prominant piano teacher in Topeka, Kansas and perfectly suited to teaching the daughters of that state's newly elected State Auditor George Robb.

One of the students was Nancy Landon who's father Alf was the Republican nominee for President in 1936 and herself a Senator for the State of Kansas. Georganne had no pretensions to politics or much interest in it. Nor did she have much interest in the piano.

She was interested in art that and secretly putting her authoritative big sister in her place. Maryjane was afraid of bugs and Georganne was not averse to finding them and putting them where her sister would find them. Inevitably Geoganne would be called upon to rescue the big sister from the six legged menaces.

Little if any art remains from this era. 

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