Harry's Nap - conclusion

Harry walked over to examine the hole in his screen and looked down at the driveway three floors below his window.

While Harry looked at the hole in his screen Fred was busy shoveling coal into the boiler. Fred was the apartment’s caretaker and Fred knew Harry very well. That spring Harry had helped Fred by picking his prize poppies while they were still buds. Fred had not won any prizes for his poppies that year.

Harry pushed his finger in the hole in the screen and made it a little bigger. Soon Harry's whole arm was sticking out through the window screen.
Bunny Rabbit, Little Teddy Bear, Monkey, Camel, and Big Teddy Bear were still waiting to play "Sailors" but Harry wanted to play a new game. Bunny Rabbit was just the right size for Harry’s new game. Harry stuck Bunny Rabbit out of the hole in the screen. Bunny Rabbit was about to play Bomber Pilot!

"Bombs Awaaaaaay!" said Harry as he dropped Bunny Rabbit. No more Bunny Rabbit.

Harry pushed Little Teddy Bear out of the hole in the screen. Below Little Teddy Bear was Bunny Rabbit lying on the driveway. "Bombs Away!" said Harry. No more Teddy Bear.

Harry pushed Monkey out of the hole. "Bombs Away." No more Monkey. 

Harry pushed Camel out of the hole. "Bombs Away!" No more Camel.

Finally it was Big Teddy Bear's turn. Big Teddy Bear was very fat. Harry had to push and push to get Big Teddy out of the hole to play Bomber Pilot. But the hole in the screen kept getting bigger and bigger and pretty soon Harry shouted "Bombs Away!" No more Big Teddy Bear! It was lucky for Harry's friends that they were soft and didn't have bones.

After all of Harry's friends had played bomber pilot Harry played the game with everything else in his room. Soon the only thing left was his bed. He pulled off the sheets and blankets. They made wonderful parachutes. The last thing left in Harry's room was his pillow.

Down in the garage Fred was shoveling coal into the boiler. He heard a noise. He looked up and saw a stuffed rabbit lying on the driveway. Fred was too busy to bother with a rabbit and continued shoveling coal. He heard another sound. Now there was a small teddy bear lying next to the bunny rabbit. Fred shook his head and thought about his prize poppies. He refused to hear anything else until he was finished shoveling. By the time he was finished the driveway was covered with bombs. Fred stepped out of the garage to inspect them. As Fred shook his head a voice from a third floor apartment shouted “Bombs Away” and a pillow landed on Fred’s head.

Harry's Mother was sleeping on the sofa. She was enjoying a wonderful nap until she heard a loud knock on the door. It was Fred. Fred was holding a pillow. Fred did not look happy. Fred never looked very happy. Fred handed her a pillow and left.

Harry's Mother tucked the pillow under her arm and walked to Harry's room. She unlatched the hook that she had put on the door and peeked in. Harry's room was cleaner than she had ever seen it. It was completely cleaned out and Harry was sticking his head out of a huge hole in the screen window. He was admiring his bombs.

Harry's Mother did not play "bombs away" with Harry. She only felt like it. Instead she decided he was too big to take naps anymore. After Harry helped his Mother pick up all the bombs she took the hook off his door.   

Harry's friends were fine. They were soft and they didn't have bones but they never wanted to play Bomber Pilot ever again.

 The End