A short chronology of my Republican Credentials

My Mother's father, George Robb, was a staunch Republican who only voted for one Democratic presidential candidate in his life, Woodrow Wilson.  I presume he was first eligible to vote in 1908. If so he voted for William Howard Taft. His last presidential vote would have been cast for Richard Nixon in 1968.

My Father, Daniel Welty, grew fascinated with politics in junior high school. He grew up in Independence, Missouri and was a foe of the Pendergast Machine in neighboring Kansas City. As a fifteen year old, he rooted for Wendell Wilkie in the 1940 presidential election. This, despite the fact that Harry Truman was Independence's most famous son and the vice presidential running mate of Franklin Roosevelt. At this tender age he began compiling lists of candidates for all offices for his parents to vote for. 

When he was newly married in 1952 he campaigned for Dwight Eisenhower over the favored Republican candidate Robert Taft. He voted Republican faithfully until 1964 when he and my mother voted for LBJ. Like many other Americans they did not trust Republican Barry Goldwater with "the bomb."

I was an avid supporter of Richard Nixon in 1968 as a fifth grader. By 1964, when I was in junior high, I shared my parents fear of Goldwater. In 1968, as an assignment in my speech class, I strongly endorsed Hubert Humphrey over Richard Nixon.

My Presidential voting Record:

In 1972, for the reasons explained on the parent page, I became a Republican but voted for George McGovern. So did my Father, Mother, and brother.

1976, I supported Gerald Ford not Ronald Reagan.

1980, I supported George Bush until Ronald Reagan won the endorsement then I actively campaigned for the Republican Congressman turned independent, John Anderson.

1984, I supported Ronald Reagan

1988, I supported George Bush

1992, I supported Ross Perot until his eccentricities got the better of him then supported Bill Clinton.

1996, I supported Bob Dole

2000, I supported John McCain till his campaign lost steam. I voted for the Republican candidate, George W. Bush, although I was irritated that he pledged to push a tax cut that was fiscally unwise. My hope was that, that like his father before him, he would ignore his "read my lips" stand or that Congress would stop him. Fat chance.

2004 John Kerry - Democrat I wrote kind words about Kerry early in the campaign before it became apparent how uninspiring he was as for my attitude towards Bush . . .

2008 Barack Obama first John McCain second

    The tally: 6 Republicans - 2 Democrats - 1 Independent

For Minnesota Governor I've supported:

1974 Republican, John W. Johnson whoever the heck he was!
1978 Republican, Al Quie
1982 Republican, Wheelock Whitney
1986 Republican, Cal Ludeman
1990 Republican, Arne Carlson
1994 Republican, Arne Carlson
1998 Republican, Norm Coleman
2002 Republican, Tim Pawlenty or possibly Tim Penny Independent (I honestly can't remember)

    The tally: 7 or possibly 8 Republicans

For US Senator:

I can't think of any Democrats that I've ever voted for but I have to admit I really enjoyed Paul Wellstone's 1991 campaign.
Here's a column I wrote after his death.

State Legislative and Congressional Races I've been involved in.

1972 worked for Dave Cummiskey, DFL Mankato House seat.

1974 I just moved to Duluth. I was too busy with my first teaching job.

1976 I was a Republican candidate for House seat 7B running against Mike Jaros.

1978 I was a Republican candidate for House seat 7B running against Mike Jaros.

1980 I was the campaign manager for Dick Conley a Republican candidate running against Willard Munger.

1982 I was the campaign manager for Marnie Luce the Republican Candidate for Congress running against Jim Oberstar.

In 1983, or thereabouts, I ran for the chairmanship of the 8th Congressional District Republican Party. I lost narrowly to former Representative Bob Lemon.

1984 I was the campaign manager for Mark Hunt the Republican candidate running against Representative Lona Minne an Iron Range DFLer.

1986 I was busy teaching

1988 I was busy snow sculpting

1991 My attention was turned to the Duluth School Board, a non-partisan political office.

1992 I ran for Congress as an Independent against DFLer Jim Oberstar and against the Republican nominee Phil Herwig

1993 I put my effort working for the Concord Coalition an organization devoted to paying off the national debt. I invited Tim Penny, a retired DFL Congressman, to come to Duluth to speak to the Duluth Chamber of Commerce.

2000 Republican candidate for State Senate

2002 Republican candidate for State House of Representatives

        The tally: I've been involved with 7 Republican campaigns  (as a candidate or campaign manager), 1 Democrat Campaign, and been an Independent candidate once.

Precinct Caucuses History:

Since my first one in 1972 I have never missed a Republican precinct caucus. To the best of my recollection I attended the state GOP convention as a delegate or alternate in 1972, 76, 78, 80, 82, 86, 90, 94, 96. I wasn't in attendance in 74 or 92. I'm not sure about 84, 88, or 98. It may be a sign of senility, but I remember the earlier conventions more vividly than the more recent conventions.