This letter was hand written on the back of one of my campaign flyers.

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Dear Harry,

I found this in my door yesterday; you sure have been a busy little boy.

In reading this, it leaves me wondering if it’s your natural modesty and humility which prevents you from listing the Creation, the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and a cure for the common cold with these other noble deeds. I guess it’s not in the Chamber’s game plan to credit teachers’ – especially union activist teacher’s – role in the school choices listed.

Why didn’t you list Edison schools in this? If Benno Schmidt finds out you’re forgetting Edison, he might want his contributions refunded. Oops! I forget, you and the three M’s are unbought and uncompromised. Chamber of Commerce money has a sweeter aroma than lower class working rabble money. It’s nice to know you’ve been setting an example by taking the high road.

"Snowbizz" is a fitting part of your e mail address. Something more odorous and more earthy in color would also fit.

It’s enlightening to know that you and your "remarkable" board colleagues made student achievement the measure of success. To think I taught all those years in ISD 709 without expecting or requiring student achievement. We’re sure lucky you guys came along.


Jerry Cleveland