Complaint to the St. Louis County Attorney


Mr. Alan Mitchell
County Attorney
100 N 5th Ave. W.
Room 501
Duluth, MN 55802

Dear Mr. Mitchell,

I am filing a complaint against the "Put Children First" Committee for accepting a campaign contribution in violation of Chapter 211A of Minnesota Statutes, "Campaign Financial Reporting." According to this organization’s campaign finance report it accepted a $1,500.00 contribution from the "Minnesota Education Association."

The law clearly states: "The maximum aggregate campaign finance contribution under M.S. 211A.12 that can be accepted ranges, with certain exceptions, from $100 to $500, depending on whether made during an election year and the population of the territory in which the office is sought."

I am enclosing a copy of campaign literature widely disseminated by the "Put Children First" Committee which will prove that it used these funds to campaign on behalf of candidates for the Duluth School Board in the 1999 election. I am also enclosing a copy of the financial reports this organization filed with the Clerk of the Duluth School Board.

I request that your office begin an investigation of this violation as required by law. I wish to be informed of your investigation’s findings and your plans for legal redress.


Harry Welty

Note: The County Attorney did not interpret the law the way I did. Read his reply and my reaction to his analysis of the law.