Union endorsement process flawed Published in the Budgeteer 10-24-99

This is not quite the letter I sent in to the Budgeteer. My original letter included the complaint about Gary Krause. The Budgeteer removed this allegation when they published my letter two weeks later. Because Bob Heimbach was attacked for telling "lies"  I wrote a press release explaining that I had been the source for the Krause story. Later a slew of letters attacking Mary Mary Mars and Bob Heimbach appeared in the newspaper. They all glibly assumed that the Mary Mary Mars letter was full of inaccuracies. These letter writers were misinformed.

To the Budgeteer:

I wonder how many union members know anything about how their leaders endorse political candidates? This year's screening committees were an eye opener for me.

At the AFSCME screening, I expressed my regrets to Alan Netland about not getting an invitation to be, interviewed by the AFLCIO. Mr. Netland is president of both organizations. Alan told me "their" process, the AFL-CIO's, was not as
"clean" as AFSCME's endorsement process. That gave me little comfort. The AFSCME screening committee was composed of Al, two other union officials, two school board members who are trying to cleanse the board of anyone who disagrees with them, their buddy, and six rank and file union members. These people made the endorsement for the several thousand AFSCME members who didn't attend.

I wasn't asked a single question about our children's education. I trust that most union members do care, even if their leaders can't be bothered with such inconsequential matters.

Harry Welty, candidate for 2nd District
Duluth School Board