What the Welty Leaflet said

(the top half was a b/w picture of me reading to kids followed by this message)

Dear Neighbor,

Iím running for reelection to the School Board. I can hardly believe the last four years have slipped by so quickly, like one of my snow sculptures melting in April. It has been a labor of love. Iíve visited all the schools, read to countless classes, talked with parents and teachers and helped turn around the Duluth Schools. I must share the credit for this with the other remarkable school board members who have served with me. I hope to again serve with Bob Mars, Mary Cameron, and Mary Glass Leblanc who are also running for reelection. Together we have accomplished the following:

bulletEliminated a $5.1 million debt
bulletBuilt a $10 million surplus
bulletRepaired long neglected buildings
bulletMade student achievement the measure of success
bulletBrought parental choice to the Duluth Schools including the Birchwood Core Knowledge School and the Chester Park Lab School

Iíd like to serve you again as your District 2 representative to the Duluth School Board. I hope you will help me by reelecting my friends and colleagues as well.