Cameron needs to be here, not N.Y.

To the Budgeteer:

At the most recent school board candidates' forum, a caller asked why incumbent Mary Cameron was absent. It was announced that she was in New York going to school for a year. How on earth can an elected official who lives over 1,000 miles away represent our needs?

I understand she has said that she has travel money so that she can return for board meetings. After four years on the board, does she really believe that the monthly meetings are the only essential component of school district representation? What about committee meetings? What about visits to the schools? How will we communicate our ideas with her? Will we have to call long distance if we want to discuss an issue? It's unimaginable that anyone would think they could do this critically important and consuming job from New York state. I, for one, will vote for someone who plans to do it from Duluth.

Mary Schroeder

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