Cameron can fulfill school board duties

Iím Mary Cameronís campaign manager and I am outraged. How dare Eileen Zeitz Huddlesonís campaign manager from two years ago suggest that my friend Mary wonít be able to fulfil her duties as a Duluth School Board member. If Ms. Huddleson wants to find a real issue to attack Mary Cameron I urge her to find one now rather than manufacture a false issue to undermine Maryís reelection bid.

While Mary has been given a stipend from the Bush Scholarship to return to Duluth for every School Board meeting its interesting to note that one of Eileenís allies on the School Board has missed many critical school board meetings. In Maryís four years on the Board she has missed only two. Having made absence an issue this time for Mary it will be fascinating to see if Eileenís cronies raise the issue in the next election. I doubt it.

It is a shame that this tactic has succeeded in discrediting Mary Cameron judging by the primary election results. Mary has been the most faithful public servant for the past four years.

Her brief departure from Duluth does not in any way take her away from her constituents, at least not those who can write a letter, send an email, attend a school board meeting or make a phone call. Eileen may want a school board that she can control but using character assassins is an extremely unpleasant way to achieve this end.

Sharon McMurrough