Duluth Central Labor Body [ 1997 ] The anti-Edison portion of this pledge is formatted in red lettering

Working Families Agenda

Politicians who ask for our support must:

Promote economic development that results in long-term benefits

        Duluth officials must pursue economic development that strengthens the tax base, revitalizes city                           neighborhoods and creates strong, financially self-sufficient families.

Advocate effective policies to create living wage jobs.

        Duluth officials must insure that companies getting taxpayer money are providing jobs that support working           families.

Maintain and enforce prevailing wage and other laws that assure a good standard of living for working families.

        The entire community benefits from laws that uphold wage rates, insure safe work-places and provide for          quality training and education opportunities.

Provide good public services and keep them under public management.

        Duluth officials must resist efforts to contract out services to private firms that too often reap profits at the          expense of workers and the community.

Strongly support public education.

        Schools must have the resources they need to do a good job. Duluth officials must oppose siphoning off             taxpayer money to private institutions through vouchers, tax credits or contracts with for-profit corporations.              They should back efforts to reform education financing to take the burden off property taxpayers.

Strengthen the livability of our urban community.

        Duluth officials must act to improve housing opportunities for low and middle-income families, maintain a good,           publicly-operated transit system and advocate for state tax policies that are fair to working families.

Respect the right of all workers to form and join unions and honor agreements reached through the collective bargaining process.

        In policy and practice, government must support these fundamental rights.