To the editor,

Tony Stauber's sees campaign for the School Board was a sustained attack on Reg Nolin for redesigning Stauber's out-dated Votech program. Knowing this I would have considered Stauber's recent attack on the beleaguered Superintendent as little more than the sour grapes of a loser had it not been for his malicious accusation that the Superintendent got the district 3 million dollars deeper in debt.

While it might appear to a casual observer that a 1.4 million debt grew to 4.6 million after Supt. Nolin took over, Stauber knows better. For two years prior to Nolin's arrival the school's budget was unreadable because the debt was being hidden in pages of incomprehensible figures. Nolin, his new team, eight local accountants and the State Auditor spent months deciphering the mess created by Tony's old cronies in the Budget office.

While the new Superintendent was uncovering these past practices he was mired in the ulcerous politics of the District and had to defend himself from bogus accusations of wrongdoing by Stauber and his allies. After putting the District's finances in order and focusing the schools once again on education Dr. Nolin has apparently succumbed to Stauber's unrelenting carping.

I never got around to thanking Dr. Nolin for the good job he did but I'd like him to know that not everybody took his critics seriously.

Harry Welty
2101 E. 4th St.
Duluth, MN 55812