Jim Melander
616 W. 5th. St.
Duluth, MN 55806

Dear Jim,

Since I got your note Iíve pestered the Superintendent and George Holliday about the Quality Steering Process a couple times. I know that everybody is preoccupied with a dozen issues and that our Administration seems content for the committee to be on the back burner especially with the demise of "Shared Decisions." Iím not. I understand that Mr. Holliday recently attended a conference in which labor management issues would play a part and that he might have some ideas about how we should proceed upon his return. Heís out sick today so I couldnít reach him but we will have to reestablish something soon.

According to George there is no set contractual requirement for meeting on a regular (i.e. monthly) basis and for all I know we could meet the contractual obligation by meeting once a year. That of course would have the effect of making the DWQSC a sham process. I appointed myself to this committee and I have no intention of being part of a sham. Youíve characterized it as a "labor management committee" and in that I can see the seeds of dysfunction. Its not clear that the Administration views the DSQSC as the top tier of the site decision making process. Neither is it clear that they view the top level of site decision making as a labor/management issue. We have a key and a lock which may not match.

I missed the final Shared Decision meetings although the last few I attended did not seem to hold much promise. Letís see if we can get a fresh start on this again and resolve some of these dilemmas.


Harry Welty
Board Chair
c George Holiday
School Board