April 25, 1994

Harry Welty
2101 East 4th Street
Duluth, Minnesota 55812

Jim Melander
616 West Street
Duluth, Minnesota 55806

Dear Harry:

Your letter to the editor published April 25, 1994.

Harry, you have lost all credibility from my perspective. You haven't got a clue as to what you are talking about.

1) Sour grapes - you are the sour grapes loser

2) Two years prior to Nolin's arrival the budget was quite readable. It had been hammered out by a committee during the Moeser administration. Charles Anderson's administration refused any input, but even his budget was definitely readable.

3) The $1.6 million of red ink was forecast 6 months before June 1992, by your pal Pete Wilcoxon;-almost to the penny.

4) Mr. Stauber's accusations were true as explained by Mark Dayton's team. They were true but not of a criminal nature from a state perspective. They were permitted because Duluth had a "dysfunctional school board" (Dayton's own words.)

5) All debt above the $1.6 million belongs to Nolin. A budget was in place for the 1992-93 school year. He is the one who did not follow it. Similarly he has not followed his own budget for 1993-94. He has not even followed his own strategic plan.

Get your facts straight Harry. You've lost my support.

Jim Melander

P.S. I want my book back. Put it in my mailbox sometime when I'm not home. I don't want to talk to you.