Three Strikes and You're Out

    A brief history of the disastrous teaching career of Harry Welty and the lessons he learned. 
    I have been called the "Harold Stassen of Duluth" meaning that I have lost a heckuva lot of elections. Although elected in 1995 to the Duluth School Board I had three previous unsuccessful school board elections.  I hate Sound bites. When I was about to start my second run for the Board in 1991 I decided that I had to explain my motivation and nothing could do that better than a full description of my disastrous teaching career. I began writing it in the Spring and soon concluded it would be an impractical way for me to campaign.  Who after all would read it. I consequently abandoned the project without completing it or proof reading it.  On the other hand the Internet is a great way to make my take on my career available to anyone interested.  What follows is still incomplete, unedited and unsatisfactory.   Perhaps knowing that such an awful manuscript exists where others can laugh at its inadequacies will motivate me to return to it and improve upon it.

It currently exists in an outdated  MacWord file in my Apple Computer.  I'm going to have to research how to import it to Microsoft Word.