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Is it possible that I am running my tail off trying to get the word out so we can pass this levy to help save our schools and you folks have not even passed a resolution agreeing  that you will not close a  high school unless the population in grades 9-12 goes below 2800?.  I was told by someone much more knowledgable than I in these matters, that it is possible we will pass this levy and you will still close a high school before meeting the 2800 student rule?  it was my understanding that was set in stone and that you would not..could not go against that decision once it had been promised. Apparently, all the promises in the world mean nothing without a resolution passed by the school board. Is this true?  Also..is it possible for the new board to not agree with a resolution even if it is passed and amend it, going ahead & closing a high school anyway?   Why is it that the SOS group is working so hard to pass this levy and I have heard nothing publicly from members of the school board about supporting it.??  Please reply.  I am about to devote my weekend (and that of about 20 volunteers) doing a lit drop promoting the levy and would like these questions answered prior to this.


My Reply

A promise is a promise with or without a resolution. It is true that you should pin down candidates for the school board who are not currently sitting on it. The new school board will sit for two years before the next election. Presumably we would have three high schools for three years at a minimum before the next election so long as the enrollment stays at 2800. As for what the new board will do if the levy fails.......
I worked my tail off for the last three excess levy's. I'm a little tired of electioneering. I've been trying, and will continue to try, to argue for it but I won't be passing out literature for the levy this year.
Have a good week leafleting and enjoy the nice weather.
Harry Welty