The two articles I found and
read were yours
and his
I'm sure that you do your research and have already
read his article. (How can you win a battle without
knowing the other side?) I went to Denfeld myself and
I remember that the class rooms weren't really all
that big. I remember that the freshman had to eat in
the cafeteria and everyone had to go because there
wasn't enough room for everyone to stay. Yeah, the
auditorium fits everyone but only just barely. If you
send everyone from Central to Denfeld and East,
Denfeld for sure will suffer. The main problem that we
have here with our missions and equipment is that the
people who don't do the missions and use the equipment
are the ones that are making the decisions. That
doesn't really work because how are they supposed to
know? It's not their fault but the situation needs to
be rectified. In my case, it isn't likely to be. In
yours, it's easy. Instead of letting a board of people
who used to go to school make the decisions. Let the
parents of the kids who do go make the decisions. Take
it to the people. Denfeld already has a transportation
problem. I don't know where you're going to put all
the central students. Maybe just leave them at
Central. In the end I suppose it should just come down
to education. Can our teachers really handle class
sizes that big? If they could be fit into the rooms,
more and more kids that don't really know the stuff,
slip through the cracks. I saw countless students not
really know their stuff and skate right through. I
might be better off now had I been able to take
Spanish 1 and 2 a little closer to me. Had time for a
little more individual help from Srta. Kroll. Oh well.
Whatever the outcome the kids will adapt and overcome,
mostly because they have no choice but you make it
harder and harder for kids to stand out these days.
The odds are just stacked against them. So I'm done, I
know this isn't put together all correctly and
perfectly but I make my points whether they are
sequential or not.   Lcpl. T B USMC-Rota,

PS. Despite what you may say or think. East is a rich
school, Central is ghetto, and Denfeld is poor. Just
because the buildings are nice doesn't mean anything.
Get to know the lives these students have outside your walls.

My Reply

Sorry for the long delay in responding to your email.

First. Denfeld will not be closing.

Now that that's settled..... The School Board is offering a referendum to
the voters to raise taxes for the schools. It would raise. 4.9 million
dollars. If it doesn't pass we will have to make 6.2 million in cuts. It
probably won't pass. If it doesn't then the district would be foolish to
continue keeping three high schools open. We have a small enough student
population in grades 10-12 for two high schools. To keep three high schools
is to close many more elementary schools.

We have a difference of opinion on the School Board and in the community
about which buildings we should keep open.

I disagree with your characterization of the three high schools. For your
information, because cheap housing is hard to come by in central Duluth more
poor kids are moving to Denfeld. If it continues I hope people won't start
calling Denfeld a "ghetto" school too.


Harry Welty