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If you don't read anything else on this site look at this. It is an email from a student troubled about my feud with Teacher's Union President, Frank Wanner, and my reply to the student.

Frank but not necessarily frank ( read this the link above this heading first)
(or the Bully's Pulpit)
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The DFT Newsletter is affectionately called the "Goldenrod" by union members because its printed on goldenrod copy paper. It has been less affectionately referred to as the "Golden Rag," by past administrators and school board members. While it often ends up unread in the circular file there are times, like during the late stages of contract negotiations, when teachers hang on it's every word. In a school district as rife with rumor as Duluth the Goldenrod can set the mood for the staff. The less communication there is between union and management the more hostile the tone of the newsletter.

I started posting Goldenrod columns on my page primarily to expose their venom and offer my own analysis. However, over the last  year the newsletter has gotten almost nice. If Frank doesn't watch out the Goldenrod will end up just like our recent school board meetings - Boring. That would be just fine with me. 

Please Note that as of 10-5-2001, I haven't posted any Goldenrods for two years because I haven't read anything particularly outrageous. Pax at last?

The latest in frank words 

Dec 2000 "It will be very difficult to catch up with the metro area salaries. The metro school districts have greater resources and increasing rather than declining enrollments."

My Thoughts: This was a fair and reasonable column that sets a practical tone for the impending negotiations.

Click this to read it.

Frank words (Accentuate the Positive) This is a compilation of quotes from every DFT Newsletter I have a copy of. I have over 60 of them. It helps explain why I think Frank has helped demoralize our staff.

March 13, 1998 A letter to Harry - Doesn't Welty know how much is being offered to the teachers and why is he contradicting the District's negotiator.

March 1, 1999 "President's Message" (Parents can be a problem)

March 19, 1999 "Where Have All the Teachers Gone?" ( Everybody hates us, nobody likes us, We're gonna go and eat worms)

April 5, 1999 "In the Net" (An attempt to deny that the Duluth Schools face any financial problems as a result of our recent contract settlements.)

May 21, 1999 "Good News/Bad News (More Edison bashing, an attempt to shift the blame for potential cuts from the contract settlement to Edison and start a panic at the same time.)

August 8, 1999 Negotiations update (an attempt to be positive about negotiations while laying the ground work to cry "foul.")

Sept, 27, 1999 To arms. To arms. The Redcoats are coming. Teachers are under attack.

Nov 12, 1999 Claiming credit for taking the "high road" during the elections. Oh yeah?

Nov 22, 1999 We could punish businesses we disagree with by conducting an illegal secondary boycott but lets try to reason with them first.

Nov 30, 1999 Frank shifts the blame for changes in insurance away from himself. Typical