August, 22, 1999

To the Editor,

I want the candidate who is challenging me for the 2nd District School Board seat to know that I do not hold her responsible for the letter Ms. Dallos sent to the Budgeteer. I’ve gotten used to Ms. Dallos’ letters to the editor the School Board and me. After reading her letter my son asked me how Ms. Dallos could describe me as theatrical, entertaining, unpredictable, and then call me boring. I wondered the same thing.

I think the truth lies elsewhere. In her last letter to me Ms. Dallos told me that: "you use words well." I suspect that what really bothers Ms. Dallos is that I use words too well when she disagrees with me.

When I used my souvenir voodoo doll to put a curse on ill will in the Duluth School District I did not anticipate that Paul Harvey would turn the story on its head and tell America that I had put a curse on our teachers. That’s the last thing I would have done! I’m a teacher myself and my Dad was the President of a teacher’s local. Evidently Ms. Dallos holds me responsible for Mr. Harvey’s mistake.

I have grown tired of self-serving politicians who refuse to take responsibility for their actions. That’s why I voluntarily stepped down as Board Chairman last year. We desperately need to foster trust and cooperation in the Duluth Schools.

Harry Welty
2101 E 4th St.
Duluth, MN 55812
Candidate for reelection to the School Board, 2nd District