August 24, 1999

Letters to the Editor

Nuhring best for school seat

Pauline Nuhring is running for the School Board seat currently held by Harry Welty. I am thrilled. If she is elected to the Second District seat, we will no longer be required to listen to long, rambling diatribes at board meetings.

After careful consideration of all sides on an issue, Nuhring is known for stating her position clearly and concisely. She doesn't ramble. If she is elected this November, we will be released from having to endure unsolicited theatrical performances in an environment that should never be used as a stage. Nuhring is not running to entertain. She never uses voodoo dolls.

Nuhring is running to provide long-range planning for Independent School District 709, respect among all the members of the district and the best education possible for the children within fiscally responsible parameters. She is an insightful, efficient, sensible, purposeful, rational, level-headed, respectful, balanced wise woman with significant successful experience working on boards.

The Duluth school district needs this type of representation. We have much serious work to accomplish and the erratic, unpredictable behavior of her opponent has only worked as a roadblock to this. Nuhring, I am confident, will work conscientiously and professionally to make the needed changes and meet the important goals she will help set. She will serve our school district well and specifically, the people of District 2. Nuhring will make a positive difference.
Margo Dallos