To the Editor,

A gun enthusiast recently commended Congressman Oberstar for standing firm in opposition to the "Brady Bill." For each of the last twenty years that Oberstar has been in Congress thousands of cheep guns have gotten into circulation. If we carved a memorial to the victims of guns over those years it would dwarf the Vietnam War Memorial. Such a memorial could be dedicated to the slavish worship of our Constitution. Fortunately our Founding Fathers gave us the right to improve on the Constitution they wrote so that, among other things, African-Americans are no longer counted as three quarters of a human being.

I'm sure that Washington, Alexander and Madison would have written a different second amendment if their America had experienced thousands of random murders annually by means of cheep and lethal semi-automatic guns.

I doubt that Jim Oberstar considers himself a noble advocate for the Second Amendment. More likely he decided two decades ago that he didn't want to antagonize the NRA. That was a couple of war's worth of casualties ago and he has remained honorably consistent. As a resident of the murder capital of the free world he ought to reconsider his position.

I received this email about gun control recently

I have some additional thoughts on my "givemhellharry" website.