Hi Mr. Welty
Its been twenty years since I was at Washington and though I was probably as mischievous if not worse as the girl you talked about and I know that douche was a word I used often with a smirk on my face.  I laughed so hard when reading your article to hear that word and remembering those poor teachers at Washington that had to deal with us not so well mannered kids.  Now here I am twenty years later with a ten year old son of my own, three step children ages four, five and seven, who we have full custody of.  So I say to myself this may be my pay back for giving Mr. Welty and all those other teachers such a hard time.  Don't get me wrong I love the children with all my heart and wouldn't change a thing but there are days when Im exhausted and think why me?  Now I know!!!  Kidding of course.  Im sorry to hear that you stopped teaching I remember you as being interesting and funny unlike some other history teacher who will remain anonymous, but Id compare his personality to a rock. And I did fail his class and ended up in summer school that summer.  Oh by the way **** ******** was my name at the time. Light Blond hair, smirk on my face and I probably drove you nuts. I wish I had more teachers like you Im sure I would have enjoyed school a lot more and be a lot more interested in learning!  Thank you for making me laugh today and bringing  back so many memories, when I first started to read the article I almost choked on my coffee because the girl you describe sounded just like me except my Mom never came to see the principle.   Im sorry to hear you did not get your tenure that was there loss and also the students loss.  Its too bad we really don't have freedom of speech.....Take Care Mr. Welty and good luck in what ever you pursue.

My assurance to ****