A former High School classmate of mine wrote:

Hi Harry,
I left Duluth Schools in 1997 and moved to St. Paul.  I retired a year ago and moved home to Duluth. I am so happy here - my friends are here - it is great to be back home.  I pick up the Reader every week.  I first look to see if Not Eudora is in that issue.
I really enjoyed Book Report and Bedru.  I will share a story from Mr. Frank's speech class the next time I write to you.  Today's recollection was prompted by "Five Anecdotes."
When my son Alex was 5 years old (now 28), we were having lunch at Bridgeman's in Virginia, MN.  He announced in a voice so loud that all of the diners heard:
"When I am 12 years old I want to die at Disneyland.  That way Mickey Mouse will know what a dead kid looks like."