Morris on Lott

Bill Clinton's sleazy ex-political adviser Dick Morris, who always surprises me with his insight, has written a much better take on Trent Lott than I could offer. I've recently heard that Trent, for all his clueless praise of Thurmond, is not one of the New Right's ideologues. In that case I hope he survives  his current diet of crow to remain Majority Leader of the Senate.

Lott's praise for Thurmond from Morris's viewpoint: 

"He made his comment about Strom Thurmond - for which he has apologized three times - just because he was trying to be nice to a 100-year-old man. Lott was 7 years old when Thurmond ran and was not a particularly active politician back then.

He didn't mean that Thurmond should have won in 1948. I'll bet even Thurmond, today, doesn't think he should have won in 1948. Lott meant that Thurmond's current agenda - less government, lower taxes and stronger defense - would have been welcome over the past few decades. He undoubtedly meant the same thing in 1980 when he also praised Thurmond.

I personally think Thurmond is an abomination. His current senility is a vast improvement. He should never have been in the Senate in the first place and what he did in 1948 should have barred him from political life. (He broke with President Harry Truman over anti-lynching legislation, for God sakes). But in his current incarnation, he is no better or worse than the average Republican right-winger in the Senate."

Read the whole column while the link is still hot.