Harry Weltyıs use of the Reader for personal political promotion
As a devoted reader of your publication, I appreciate your willingness to present views that run contrary to those of the power structure in this town.  Nearly all of your contributors cause me to reflect and refine my thinking on current civic issues.  Most recently, my opinions on the fog horn, Spirit Mountain golf course, the Arrowhead Medical Supply building purchase, and the Aquarium debacle have been informed and impacted by the Reader.
   However, one of your regular contributors, in my view, does not meet the usual standards of your publication.  Harry Welty, in issue after issue, seems to use the Reader to promote his own political career.  (I assume he is not charged for his full-page ads).  Also, in your September 5 th issue, Mr. Welty appeared to me to be throwing a public tantrum in his vicious attack on Brad Bennett.  I am no fan of Brad Bennett, or his politics.  However, for Harry Welty to dredge up old news as he did, to support a personal attack seems to me to be beyond the pale.  I am surprised and disappointed that his article passed editorial muster by your paper.  

Marshall K. Stenersen

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