The solution is to bend our will to putting every dollar available into reducing classrooms to the size they were at when Harry Welty last served on the School board. Where might those dollars come from?

1. operational levies (If an angry public can be persuaded to dig deeper in their pockets in a referendum)

2. renegotiating (if it is not already too late) the bonds. (Its almost certainly too late now that our bond rating has fallen just above junk bond status)

3. Holding teacher costs level by:

    a. Agreeing to put all new savings into class reduction not higher pay or more benefits. To do this we must:

    b. Holding teaching costs level by

    c. Only permitting annual step and lane increases until the classrooms are reduced.

     d. Winning significant reductions in health costs.

     e. Raise the possibility of salary cuts (teacher give backs)

4. Wait until we go into SOD (Statutory Operating Debt) and watch as the state descends and orders us to raise taxes to pay everything our old School Boards have obligated us contractually to fork over to all our venders, Bond holders, employees.

5. Lay off more teachers and put 60 kids in a class (Not my preferred option)

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