Duluth Budgeteer
Last Updated: Friday, October 17th, 2003 01:32:17 PM

2nd District

Incumbent Welty, a stay at-home dad, is seeking a third term on the board. An innovative thinker, it was Welty who first proposed to the board that it close a high school in order to avoid closing so many elementary schools.

At times controversial, he has never been shy about stating his opinion, regardless of the consequences.

Hustad, who recently retired from 34 years as a dentist and has been active in a variety of civic affairs, brings a different style. He seems to be more of a back-room type who brings people together to reach consensus.

He believes the board has to not only demonstrate fiscal responsibility, but project confidence to the voters that it has a plan to solve the districtís problems.

Welty has served the board honorably for eight years, but in an effort to change the chemistry that has brought the board to a stand still, we think Hustad is the better choice in 2003.