Breaking news from Twin Ports People that makes you wonder why Charlie didn't run for the School Board. He's in an industry that knows a thing or two about population loss. He ought to be good at helping people deal with grief. Unfortunately, suggesting that we don't need to close schools is just plain unhelpful.

Bell calls for city and citizen involvement to preserve schools

Charlie Bell, candidate for Duluth mayor, today called for the city and citizens to work together with the school district to preserve Duluth’s schools.

“The issue of school closings in Duluth has created yet another divisive issue for our community,” said Bell. “While it is an issue over which the next mayor of our city does not have specific authority or responsibility, it is an issue that will affect where our city will go and what it will become. It is an issue in which we all have a stake.”

Bell said a vibrant and comprehensive public school system was vitally important to the creation of opportunities for Duluth’s children.

“Community and economic development, job retention and creation are all inextricably linked to the quality and vitality of our system of public education,” said Bell. “Clearly, decisions made by the school district affect our city’s ability to grow and progress. So too, the decisions made by our city administration have had, and will continue to have, a critical influence on the school district and our public school system. The two entities, while independent, are inevitably joined in determining the future of our schools and of our community.”

In calling for the community, city government and the school district to work together Bell said he was optimistic about finding solutions. “Rather than wringing our hands we should celebrate the outstanding history and incredible future of our public schools,” he said. “There will always be challenges, but the measure of our city and our people will be how we work together to meet and overcome them.”