Rumors about next year are springing up all over. The current rumor is that there will be no building closings next year. Perhaps this is true. This memo which followed a meeting with Principals recommends very modest changes in the upcoming school year but the Board could change direction again. Until it does the administration is proceeding as follows. These changes are so modest they do not help explain where we will find 4.8 million in cuts next year. 

March 30, 2001

To: School Board Members

From: Julio Almanza

Re: Grade Configuration Changes

The Board has directed that we continue to move toward the grade configurations of K5, 6-8, and 9-12. Given our current status of planning and the need to give directions to schools I have directed the following changes to occur:

Fifth graders will remain at Chester Park, Congdon, and Homecroft
Sixth graders from Lakewood will move to Ordean
Central's incoming seventh graders will go to Woodland
Central will become an 8-12 school for 2001-02
Woodland will become a 6-8 grade school with no fifth graders

These are the moves that I believe are doable for the 2001-02 school year. This information is going out to the buildings and to parents.

If you have any concerns please contact me.