Mr. Peterson
Onomonopia Elem. School

Dear Mr. Peterson,

I'm going to tell you something terrible I heard about Mrs. Smith, a 2nd grade teacher in your school. I was told that she yells at the children when she gets angry. These are very young children and they should be protected from adults who can't control their tempers.

My son Anthony had Mrs. Brown for his 2nd grade teacher. She was always very professional. When Anthony climbed out her window during a recess to play with his friends instead of doing make up work she didn't yell at him. In fact I didn't hear about it until one of Anthony's friends teased him about it several years later. It was too bad Mrs. Brown had that fatal heart attack. She was so young.

If Mrs. Smith could be more like my Anthony's teacher, Mrs. Brown, you wouldn't have angry people like me writing you letters. 


Mrs. Anthony Anthony III