Context for this letter

I was a candidate for the school board in 1993 and so was James Holliday. This letter is, to say the least pointed and was criticized after it was published.  I lost the election and James won. 

I did get elected two years later and I got along well with Reverend Holliday while we served on the Board together. When James and his family left town before finishing his term I spoke at his church to bid him a fond farewell. By the way, I still have the videotape.


About Sept. 14 Duluth primary
Candidate Holliday led Central closing

Next year, when my son enters fifth grade, he'll attend a secondary school because an angry mob led by the Rev. James Holliday (now a Duluth School Board candidate) spent several furious hours beating up the board. My videotape of the meeting ends as the sullen croud erupts in cursing and shouting. The board defied the mob and voted to close Central High School. A week later, an intimidated board reversed itself. That was hailed as a victory for democracy rather than an act of cowardice.
Candidate Holliday's lawn signs say he's "For the Kids." When I see them, I think about his role in the mob and think about how my kids are paying the price for his kids' success. A more accurate slogan might be: "For my kids."
I'm an optimist. The foolish decision to keep an unneeded high school open forced the closing of five vital elementary schools but creates an opportunity. That's why I'm running. I want my children's sacrifice to benefit every child. I hope Holliday thinks about his slogan. If he's elected, he too may face a mob and, if so, I hope he has the spine to recall what this campaign is all about. It's "For the kids."

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