Alice Seagren Two High Schools

At each corridor meeting Pati Rolf read a statement which was later published by the Tribune.  In the statement Pati quotes Representative Alice Seagren who chairs the House K-12 Education Committee. Apparently even the legislature knows we have too many high schools.

"We certainly are looking at more funding than the governor for K-12. It is not an acceptable proposal. One of the things I am concerned about regarding the Duluth public schools is that I have heard you have more elementary buildings being kept open than are needed for your current enrollment.

Also, I think you are keeping open three high schools. Many districts have closed schools to save on operating costs yet preserved good educational programs and small class sizes. I may be wrong about that, but it may be something to pursue. I know parents like schools close to home but as enrollment gets smaller, those choices have to be made to be able to keep all the good programs for our kids....''