Zenith Plan vs. Corridor Plan


Zenith - Harry's plan vs Corridor (the Board's) plan

2 High Schools - Denfeld & Zenith, grades 10-12

3 Middle Schools - Morgan Park, Central & Ordean grades 7-9 Woodland becomes an elementary 

No elementary School closings 

All elementary schools would be K-6

Chester Park moves to Woodland along with School Administration

The K-1 Rockridge is enlarged to take in Lester Park's 2-5 classes making it a K-6 school


3 High Schools Denfeld Central & East grades 9-12

4 Middle schools Morgan Park, Lincoln (K-8), Woodland, Ordean grades 6-8

several elementary schools close

all elementary schools would be K-5 except for Lincoln

3 (or maybe 4 ) elementary schools in each corridor



The Chief Rationale for each plan


Zenith - Harry's plan




Corridor (the Board's) plan

This will prevent  Duluth from becoming three separate and isolated districts one of which (the eastern) would remain an island of mostly white affluence for the indefinite future. 

Each corridor will have the same sized school population and the schools will offer exactly the same program so that there will be no more need for jealousy.



Additional Reasons


Zenith - Harry's plan




Corridor (the Board's) plan

In a city whose voters do not want to pay to build unnecessary school buildings this is the most logical use of facilities.

This configuration of facilities is geographically balanced.

The central hillside gets its long awaited middle school which Lincoln kids can attend. 

There will be less risk of losing students because of elementary school closings.

Parental choice (through magnate schools) can still be honored. This will depend on the state's continued funding of desegregation which has a doubtful future.

Three high schools gives kids more opportunities to participate in school and a more comfortable less crowded environment where they can be somebody. This is especially important for our growing minority population.

We have decided that  9-12 high schools are better than 10-12 high schools.

We have determined that the best grades for a middle school are grades 6-8

Larger elementary schools are more cost effective and can offer more programs for children.



How do the plans work?


Zenith - Harry's plan




Corridor (the Board's) plan

Kids will attend their preferred elementary school.

Children will attend their closest middle school (unless their parents choose to drive them to another one).

After ninth grade the kids at Central Middle School will go to either Denfeld or East. This will mean that a significant portion of the students at the two remaining high schools will know each other. I predict that this will moderate rivalries between the two schools.

There are 3 corridors and kids will never leave them except when their families move. Kids will attend their closest elementary school.

All the children from schools in a single corridor will  then attend the middle school in the same corridor and later the high school in their corridor.

From Kindergarten through their senior year Duluth kids will never mingle with kids from other corridors. I believe this will exacerbate the neighborhood tensions that are already the bane of Duluth.


The The School Board set parameters (read the email on this page) which will require us to adopt the Corridor Plan unless the community firmly tells us to consider a two high school plan. I've called my proposal for two high schools the "Zenith plan."  While I  originally insisted that Central High School be considered for the eastern most high school I have dropped that idea.  It is true that Central has a better campus than East High but it is also badly centered to divide the high school population. Students living east of Central would have to attend Denfeld to create equal sized Denfeld and East high schools. I don't think this will be psychologically acceptable to many Duluthians.