I read Anne Bretts column, and I thought it was a little far out. I had never heard of her before. I do want to thank you for your tireless efforts on this issue. I have attended several meetings and read all local news articles with great interest. As a parent of a second grader at Chester Park, I am more than a little interested in the board's ultimate decisions on all issues as our family will be affected for several years based on the decisions you make tonight and during the next month. I feel somewhat helpless and a little terrified of the outcome. In my conversations with various people around town, I am amazed (as you may be too) how many people are forming opinions based on false assumptions and rumors. For example, many people believe Proposal A is the plan, while others believe Proposal B is the plan. I distinctly heard a board member say that neither proposal is The Plan until it has been voted upon and approved by the school board. In other words, no one really knows what is going on! Sincerely, JS

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I'm afraid this is true. On the one hand the Board members have as clear an idea what our options are as anyone. I think a few of the Board members get together to strategize but I've not been included if this is the case. I'm not sure what will be decided today. The sixth hour day probably, grandfathering probably...

We may leave other decisions until next month or next year. One way or another, however, we have to avoid the 4.8 million debt that looms ahead of us.

Wish us luck.