Dear Mr. Welty,

The National School Boards Association supports voluntary public school choice programs initiated by local school districts that give parents the opportunity to select from among a variety of educational strategies directed at improving academic performance of all students.

Instead of a "one-size-fits-all" model, parents should be given the
opportunity to choose the educational setting that they believe will
work best for their children. Some parents will take advantage of this
opportunity, others will not. Open enrollment allows parents to become more actively involved in their children's public education right from the start.

Please allow parents to retain open enrollment as an option for our
children's education.

Thank you.


My Reply

C, I don't disagree with you. You really need to send your message to the other school board members who value uniformity. Keep in mind, however, that we may not be able to afford the luxury of choice with the current budget that is being imposed on us.