Dear School Board Member:

Please take your time in considering the predicament our schools are in right now because of Governor Ventura's budget. I am a parent with two kids at 
Central, and a son who is starting kindergarten in the fall. I have no clue where he is going, and it's very upsetting. 

He is supposed to go to our home school, Nettleton, but they won't bus him. I'm sorry, but I am not having my 5-year-old walk to school. We would like to send him to Lowell--it's a beautiful school with lots of opportunities for my son that he wouldn't find elsewhere. Under current school board thought, 
Lowell would have to take on extra kids if Grant closes--sending my son back to Nettleton and a whole lot of transportation issues! Most likely, we'd 
take him to Proctor, or Hermantown. Current proposals put not only my wife and I in sticky spot, but MANY other families as well!

Please continue to get input from the public and LISTEN to what we have to say. Listen to the staff at the schools, too! I'll bet teachers and administration at the school level can offer invaluable feedback regarding what is good to cut and what is not.

And above all, please do not change the grade level status of the schools--especially Lowell. It is such a beautiful school--it was made for K-6! Changing that to a middle school would be unfortunate.

Thank you for your time

Tim S