Mr. Welty, I have been following all the meetings as close as possible and was truly saddened by the Board's vote to stick with a 7 period day. Here we had a fairly simple solution to cut some money and poof! out the window it goes. I urge you to continue to fight for a 2 High School scenerio. If the children at East can stay together until then, it would be so much easier for them to adjust. I have a 10th grader there and a 6th grader at Woodland. As much as I would like to see her graduate from East, I would rather they both graduate from the SAME High School. I'm asking you to urge other board members to hold off on the boundary changes until you are all sure just how many high schools we will have in the future. Stay put unti you know! Thank 
you for your time and hard work. S T

My Reply

Thank you S

I'll do my best but I don't have much credibilty with other board members. I urge you to send your message to the other members of the Board. 

Here are the email address for all of us on the Board. Please send a similar message each of us. The other board members need to hear these sentiments from the rest of the community.

Best Regards,