WHY? I am a student at Central High school in 9th grade, and with your  stupid boundary changes, I'd be going to East. I live on East 7th Street and  16th avenue, and the duluth news tribune said that no students would have to  switch high schools because of boundary changes, but sure enough, looks like  I'm in the East district. Guess what, I'm NOT going to East in two years.  All of my friends go to Central, and I am on the A Honor role there. Would  it be that hard for you to just let us stay in our schools if they aren't  closing? Another thing that I am angry about is your six period day idea. I  am a part of the band at Central, and I am a second year German student.  According to your plan, I would have to drop one of the two, but most 
colleges require me to take music and a foreign, and I am wishing to go to a  nice college other then UMD. I am afraid that you are jeprodizing my college  choices because of your inability to schedule me college required classes. I  guess that is about it, but there is no way that I am going over to East my  Junior year of high school. NO WAY.