Dear School Board Members

First of all let me thank you for time and energy you are putting into being a school board member for our district. Now especially I am sure many of you are quite stressed and tired. I will try not to add to your strain.

I would like to say that I appreciate that the school district's plan is 
based on equity across the district and trying to avoid any one part of town being saved over another. I also like the three cooridors and general boundary areas. I believe that certain boundary lines need to be tweeked but overall I think a lot of thought went into some very tough decisions. I do have however one major concern, and that would be that there is no elementary school on the hill. I believe that as developing and growing city we need a elementary school above the hill, whether it be Piedmont, Birchwood or Lowell.

I am not opposed to my children being schooled with any other child in this district no matter what the ethnic or economic backround of the child or their family may be. If fact I am very sickened and angered by hearing such talk in our city. I simply believe that we need a elementary school in the area between Kenwood Ave and our border with Hermantown.

Once again I would like to thank you for your time and energy. My hope is that you will all stick to your original intent, that is to have equal programs across our district. I would also hope that as a group you would also be receptive to some constructive suggestions.

Parent of two Birchwood students and a Central High School  teacher